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All of our staff undertake professional development training specific to the sector; courses include –Makaton trainer courses; Health & Social Care Diplomas at levels 2, 3 & 5.

Staff working for PiCAS are supported and required to complete a range of social care based and highly specialist training. All staff receive training in Makaton; Epilepsy, Understanding Learning Disabilities; Best Practice in supporting Autism and Aspergers; Managing Challenging behaviours and Medication; as well as all mandatory training appropriate for the sector. Working 100% for the client; working and achieving what they want to achieve.

Quotes are from an Independent

Current main carer is helpful and supportive. George seems very happy with everything.
Martin George Psychiatrist Nurse

I have every confidence with PICAS. They are always there when my daughter Naomi has any concerns, we are very happy for the last 12 years of service.
Mrs. and Mr. Sharpe
Naomi's Parents

I am satisfied with the level of support and care that Richard Harris received and he has excellent support workers.
Chery Muncal, Physiotherapist

I am very happy with the service PICAS provides to my son Richard who has very complex needs Digintity he always maintained and safety is always provided.
Sue Elliot
Mother of Richard